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Monday 12 February 2013

  • Frederik Buylaert (VUB)Was there an “urban political elite” in late medieval Bruges?
  • Anne Winter (VUB)Presentation IRP project: “Newcomers and the City.”

Monday 12 March 2013

  • Project proposal of Frederik Buylaert (VUB) and Violet Soen (KU Leuven), Shifting grounds? Nobility, lordship and state formation in the sixteenth-century low countries (case studies: Brabant and Flanders).
  • Project proposal Griet Vermeesch (VUB)Explaining the great litigation decline. The impact of social change on litigation patterns in early modern Europe. The cases of Bruges and the Freedom of Bruges (1650-1795).
  • Project proposal Inge Bertels (Department of Architectural Engineering)Belgian builders, 1881-1958. Positioning, organisation and education of contractors in the Belgian construction industry. Belgian contractors in the construction industry and their strategies at the end of the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth century.

Monday 2 April 2013

  • Alexander Coppens (VUB)Between local autonomy and national migration policy: Dealing with ‘foreigners’ in Brussels, 1830-1914. (Posthumus Maior Paper)
  • Boris Horemans (VUB)Entrepreneurs, master craftsmen, workers and merchants. Relations of production in the Brussels' building trades, 1685-1789 (Posthumus Maior Paper)

Monday 23 April 2013

  • Griet Vermeesch (HOST)The clientele of the Peacemakers in Leiden, 1750-1754.
  • Hilde Greefs (University of Antwerp) and Anne Winter (VUB)Gender differentiations in trajectories and connections. Migration patterns of single men and women moving to Antwerp, 1850-1880

Monday 7 May 2013

  • Michael-W. Serruys (VUB)A place to store commodities: the colonial warehouses in early eighteenth century Ostend.
  • Margo De Koster (Department of Criminology, VUB)Night spaces and youth in early 20th-century Antwerp: Social control and the uses of darkness.

Monday 21 May 2013

  • Nick Deschacht (Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel) and Anne Winter (VUB)Rural crisis and rural exodus? Local demographic dynamics during the crisis of the 1840’s in East Flanders (Belgium).
  • Vicky Vanruysseveld (VUB) and Rik Vercammen (VUB)Van centraal beleid naar lokale praktijk: het ‘probleem’ van landloperij en bedelarij in België (1895-1910)

Monday 3 June 2013

  • Dries Tys (Department of Art History and Archaeology, VUB)Stedelijke ontwikkeling in de Lage Landen in de 9de en 10de eeuw in relatie tot het Scandinavische handelsnetwerk, vanuit de casus Antwerpen. Is er toch iets aan de hand?

Monday 16 August 2013

  • Boris Horemans (VUB)Bouwen in de premoderne stad: een vergeten onderzoek?

10 September 2013

  • Alexander Coppens (VUB) and Ellen Debackere (University of Antwerp)Tussen norm en praktijk: de implementatie van de nationale migratiewetgeving in België (1830-1914)
  • Frederik Buylaert (VUB), Jelle De Rock (University of Ghent) and Anne-Laure Van Bruane (University of Ghent)City portrait, civic body and commercial printing in sixteenth-century Ghent.

Monday 24 September 2013

  • Frederik Buylaert (VUB) and Andy Ramandt (University of Ghent)The transformation of rural elites in late medieval Flanders. Oligarchy, state formation and social change in the Liberty of Bruges (ca. 1350 – ca. 1525)

Monday 8 October 2013

  • Thijs Lambrecht (University of Ghent) and Anne Winter (VUB)An old poor law in Flanders? Poor taxes and village conflict in eighteenth-century Furnes in a comparative perspective.

Monday 22 October 2013

  • Griet Vermeesch (VUB)Wetgeving op verzoek in achttiende-eeuws Antwerpen. Initiatieven van ambachten tot regulering door middel van petities.
  • Heidi Deneweth (VUB) and Wouter Ryckbosch (VUB & University of Antwerp), Property and the urban middle class in the Low Countries: an analysis of investment patterns (17th-18th centuries).

Monday 17 December 2013

  • Wouter Ryckbosch (VUB & University of Antwerp)Urban inequality in the Southern Low Countries, 14th-19th centuries.
  • Wouter Ryckbosch (VUB & University of Antwerp)Valueing tea in the early modern Southern Netherlands. A case study of the interaction between consumer change and pre-industrial social structures.