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Female crime and the urban space of 18th Century Bruges

  • February 21, 2022

Charlotte Van Riet has joined the Talent voor Onderzoek (TvO) [=Talent for Research] project within the HOST-research group of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) in September 2021.

Within the course of three semesters, she will join a team, supervised by prof. Wouter Ryckbosch, to explore more about historical methodologies and the academic field as a student-researcher. The focus of her subproject is female crime within the (urban) space of 18th Century Bruges. The project’s aim is to put female crime on the map (literally), using GIS, and to provide insight in where crime took place, how space and crime are linked, and how and if the division between public and private spheres played a role. This subproject is part of a larger existing one, named Getuigenissen, wherein 18th (and 19th) Century criminal records were transcribed and partially codified in GIS.

In June 2021 Charlotte completed her Master’s in History of Art & Archaeology at the VUB. She wrote a thesis about the archaeology and architecture of moated castles between the Scheldt and Leie and their relation to the surrounding (urban and rural) landscape. In September (2021-2023) she started a Master in history (VUB) to explore more academic disciplines and gain a broader interdisciplinary knowledge.