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Poverty and housing culture in Brussels, 1702-1802

  • March 21, 2022

Since September 2021, Thijs Costers interns as a student-researcher at HOST, within the ‘Talent voor Onderzoek’ [=Talent for Research] project. This extracurricular VUB-project gives opportunities to talented students to get socialised with the dynamics of a research group, while learning several research methods.

Under supervision of Heidi Deneweth and alongside co-student Adriaan Vanhevele, Thijs works on the project ‘Poverty and Housing culture in Brussels, 1702-1802’, which attempts to sketch poverty and forms of habitation in Brussels in the 18th century. More specifically, he will be looking at various forms of co-housing in Brussels. Using an extensive database based on the 1702 census, he will attempt to paint a picture of who lived together and why. Among other methods, Thijs gets ackwowledged with Geographical Information Systems (GIS) to analyse and visualise the data.

Having joined the VUB in 2019, Thijs is currently working towards his bachelor’s degree in History. In his bachelor paper, he will write a historiography of socio-economic history in 19th century Belgian magazines of local history.

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