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Welcome Robin Rose Southard!

  • November 4, 2020

November 3rd, we welcomed Robin Rose Southard into the fold! Rose is joining our team as a doctoral student working on the following project: Organization of the Urban Food Supply (1550-1800): Reality and Fiction of the Corporative System. She will be supervised by prof dr. Wouter Ryckbosch.

“Food supply and its logistics are the lifeblood of our society. Today, what ends up in our plates is the final stop in a complex industry of production and regulation. Such habits, traditions and regulations are not a recent development. During the Ancien Régime urban food markets were already strictly regulated. This shifts rather abruptly with the dawning of the nineteenth century and free market principles leaving us with the questions: why did it change and why was it like that in the first place? I look forward to all the political intrigue, non-compliant citizens and historical fiber this study has to offer and can’t wait to share my findings with you all!”

Rose has degrees in History and Archival science obtained at the VUB and enjoys painting, houseplants and Jazz in her free time.